SEANELECTANZANIALIMITED is a private registered limited liability company (LLC) incorporated and organized under the laws of United Republic of Tanzania, with its registered principal place of business in Arusha, Northern part of Tanzania.

Since our establishment in 2011, SEANELEC TANZAIA LIMITED, we have prided ourselves as the industries standard for performance, reliability and stability as a comprehensive Engineering Designs, Construction, Installations, Testing and Commissioning Services, Operations Maintenance & Engineering Solutions provider.

  • Electrical Engineering Works;
  • Rural Electrification Projects(Grid, Mini-grids, Off-grids);
  • Operations, Service, Maintenance & Supports of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering Systems (Commercial and Industrial)
  • Projects’ supports, Sites management & Projects Execution Supervision;
  • Renewable Energy Projects (PV Systems)

We have established a long standing reputation for good customer service, high quality engineering service and products that met  one of our main goals for our establishment which is to offer services that stand unique within the industry and thus making us a Versatile, Go-To, and, Be-spoke Electrical & Mechanical Engineering firm in Tanzania.

As a company we strive to excel in our core capabilities. We are proud to provide exceptional quality and services in; Electrical, Mechanical, ICT & Networking, Optic Fiber, Electronic security systems (Cctv, Surveillance, Access Control systems), HVAC (Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioners), Construction & Engineering Management, Project Management, Operation Maintenance & Support services, Industrial & building automation systems, and Energy Services Industries.

We believe in a full service approach, offering clients a wide range of engineering solutions in order to meet their needs and exceed their expectations. We believe the most important part of our job is “what we do, we do right & best” by our customers, and we leverage our expertise to maximize the return on every investment our customers make.

SEANELEC TANZANIA LIMITEDis a self-sufficient organization with our staff employed and hired for their team working ability and experience. Our technical strength is based mainly in our experience and technically broad based key staff possessing strong educational, qualifications, skills, competency, expertise and experience in Planning, Design, Construction, Operations & Maintenance, and, Projects supports Management in all industries that we are operating.

Central to our success lays the highest quality of our works and services, the compatibility of our works with our core values with our staff that composed of full of dexterous hands from different generations of experienced professional, as well as our belief in a full-service approach

Our creative approach, our self-sufficient nature, innovative and pro-active stance we take in solving customers’ complex engineering challenges from inception stage to commissioning, all these make us a unique company within all engineering spaces that we are in and able to act as the ideal, reliable and sustainable partner, service provider and contractor for Clients, Investors, Foreign firms to venture with, throughout Tanzania and East Africa region.

We have successfully completed and delivered on time, to the highest quality and within the clients’ budget all of projects that we had been awarded and executed, so far.

We pride ourselves on our reputation for the neat and best workmanship, highest quality of works and the ability to successfully undertake any project in our areas of competency. This is the positive and direct result of employing and hiring of talented, Skilled, knowledgeable, competent, qualified and technically gifted staff with positive attitude and higher integrity, backed up by our in house training and induction programs, best partnership and Joint venture we are having with local contractors, International professionals, Experts and companies, as well as our Project Management professionals and experts.

Our clients appreciate our ability on all of our operations and execution. We are dedicated to finding the best solution to fit clients’ needs. We’re fully aware and understand the need to provide services that meets and exceeds clients’ demands, expectations and desires, hence where possible we aim to expand and grow with our clients.

We are Prequalified with TANESCO to work on all Power Systems infrastructures such as Power lines (T&D), Substations and various Power systems.

We are having registered Professional Engineers who are ‘A’ Class Licensed with EWURA (Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority).


SEANELEC TANZANIA LIMITED is registered with Contractors Registration Board, of Tanzania, as

  • Electrical Works Contractor,
    All Electrical works
  • Specialist Electrical Contractor,
    Power Lines (T & D) & Power Systems
  • Specialist Electrical Contractor,
    Renewable Energy (SOLAR)
  • Specialist Electrical Contractor,

    Power Generation Equipments’ Installation & Maintenance,

  • Specialist Electrical Contractor,

    Telecommunications, ICT and Electronic Security & Control systems,

  • Specialist Electrical Contractor,

    HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioners) Installations
    Industrial and Commercial Plumbing & Refrigeration,
    Industrial Process Piping Design & Construction
    Steel structures erection
    Industrial Machines Installation, Service, Operations & Maintenance

..If it has a wire of fiber, and it has to do with Electrical, Telecom, ICT or Electronic security. then we do and manage it best…!


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