access_controlOur range of access control systems and products varies from a simple single door access control to integrated networked systems capable of managing tens of entry points, and alarm monitoring points for the entire factory, office building, compound, residential house, etc.

We do design our systems to synchronize with clients’ existing access control systems as installed by their recent installers or suppliers.

We do provide networked and stand-alone access control systems using the latest proven technology such as:

  • Card Readers Identity Card physical access control systems work with a wide range of card readers including smart card, proximity cards, swipe card readers, bar code, magnetic stripe, biometric, etc..
  • Biometric Security Identification
    Biometric technologies read the unique characteristics of fingerprints, eye, hand recognition, voice, facial, iris patterns to prove a person’s identity.
  • Vehicle number plate recognition
  • Digital keypads and long range radio transmitters
  • PC controlled networks
  • Car Parking Payment Systems such as for Airports, Gatherings, Malls, Stadiums, Night clubs, Casinos, etc
The flexible design and compatibility of our systems allows our clients to mix products and technologies within the same system