As the focused company, with properly set and determined direction, and, with ‘CAN-DO’ attitude in our minds, we are looking forward to have achieving the following amongst our plans;

Establishment of the Linesmen College that will save the East and Central Africa, since there is no college in the area that gives, teaches and trains linesmen. The plan is to have well established and equipped Lineman College that will teach all Lines, Substations, Switchyards and Fiber Optic related studies. Through this college students, from all over the world, will gain enough knowledge, skills and experience through theory and enough sound practical, at college and at our ongoing projects that will make them meet the current challenges in power and telecommunication industries. This is among our highly prioritized plans.

Ongoing rural electrification to most areas of Africa, has led to higher demand of Power/Distribution Transformers, switchgears, and other power infrastructures construction materials across the region. The fewer number of African based manufacturers of Transformer triggers us to think of establishing new Transformer Production line that will be the second in East Africa after TANELEC (Arusha, Tanzania), because the current supply do not meet the demand.

Establishing the Transformers & Switchgears Assembly line by getting into partnership with any Transformer producer from Europe, America, Asia, Australia, and other parts of Africa, is our medium term plan while engineering the erection of the factory for full production of various types and sizes of Transformers.

We are planning to invest in plantations specifically for wooden poles production & treatment, with Africa and Asia as the targeted markets for these wooden poles.

Opening offices and establishing operating branches in all East African (EAC) countries (Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, & Burundi) and other African countries, with Southern Sudan, Malawi and Ethiopia to follow soon.

We, SEANELEC Tanzania Limited, are here to join forces with any local and international firm to achieve all of these, in case there is any interested on any of these.