Our expertise in Solar System (Renewable Energy)
SEANELEC is a full service renewable energy company. We are solely dedicated to the Design,
Installation, Construction, and, Operations & Maintenance of renewable energy systems utilizing
the highest quality of components manufactured in developed countries such as Germany, USA,
Sweden, Japan, etc. We are committed to providing unsurpassed customer service, from initial
inception stage of the project throughout the life of your PV System Project.

1. Designing, Specification preparation and Project Technical documentations
2. Installation, Testing and Commissioning of all Renewable energy Projects
3. Service, Operations and Maintenance Supports for the Installed Renewable Power
systems such as Solar farms, wind mills farms, Microgrids, mini grids, etc.
4. Supply of consumables & spares for Renewable Power systems
5. Feasibility studies for the design and establishment of new Renewable power systems
1. We do a site assessment and provide a client with a detailed proposal, including financial
and environmental workbooks, at a very competitive, reasonable and affordable cost
2. Provides professional design, installation and maintenance of Solar PV for Residential,
Commercial applications, Agriculture and Industrial.
3. Our courteous and knowledgeable staff will assist you best in the planning and design
phase for your specific project needs
4. We will handle all the paperwork for the authorities permits application such as EWURA,
( Energy and Water Utilities Authority), Ministry of Land for acquisition of lands,
NEMC (National Environmental Management Council), TANESCO (Tanzania Electric
Supply Company), etc, and all other issues pertaining to PPA (Power Purchase
Agreement) in case you wish to invest in Renewable energy in Tanzania and
5. Our crews will professionally install your custom designed system in a courteous and
timely manner.

1. Recovery & Reinstallation of roofed solar panels
2. PV system related Equipment repairs and replacements
3. Upgrade of PV system i.e. upgrading PV system with the newest best hardware facilities
available in the market or Battery Autonomy and Energy storage capacity. 
4. System inspection i.e. We can conduct a thorough analysis of client’s PV System and
provide a report of our findings.
5. We can provide a battery back-up system that will be compatible with your existing PV
6. We do the battery analysis for the Battery back-up system to determine the performance
and life of each single battery block in the battery string.
7. We are Certified & Licensed by EWURA & CRB (Tanzania) to install and maintain all
power generation machines and equipment (Generators) which are ideal in case of a
power outage or during peak loads
We do Supply, Construction, Installation, Operation & Maintenance of; PV Open Space
Systems, Roof Tops, and Any other PV designers systems according to client’s design.
We work on Turnkey Projects (EPCC), and/or Labour only (service) Contracts, depending on the
arrangement, model and type of Project delivery that the Project developers, Employers, Clients,
Consultants, Project Manager, Financiers, Investors or Main Contractor has opted to work with
We work in all stages of the Project such as from land acquisition for the Project establishment
to project design stage to Procurements to Construction to Testing to commissioning to
Operation & maintenance. Our countrywide network and footprint of local partners and
government authorities enables us to operate efficiently, reliably and flexibly, as well as quickest
in permits and approvals acquisitions.
We do offer a comprehensive package of after-sales service, operations management, and
maintenance support services. 

For the guaranteed Operational reliability of the PV system, Highest level of energy harvest, and
Cost effective of the PV systems’ operation; the detailed and effective Maintenance of the entire
PV System is mandatory and of great importance to attain all of these. This maintenance is not
limited to Photovoltaic Modules, Inverters, Batteries, Steel support structures, Foundations &
Plinths, Cables, Connectors, Earthing of your system, Load Analysis of Conductors and
Breakers. This Inspection, Testing and Maintenance that might be Time based or Condition
based or general Routine Preventive should be done by specialized and experienced technical
team of experts, and in accordance with original designs and/or OEMs Requirements or as per
International Standards that governs the maintenance of the same.
We have the best team that exceeds all these requirements and can manage your entire Solar
farm or PV System and all of its supporting facilities.
Reports on the status of your PV system are shared with the recommendations post the detailed
Inspection and Audit. For those parts that will require repair then we will act immediately post
discussion with client. The Flash Incident Report immediately will be in your inbox and then the RCA
(Root Cause Analysis) reports will be shared with you to reinforce the recurrence preventive measures.
We at, SEANELEC, are having ‘ALL’ tools in our Tool Boxes and ‘ALL’ in our minds to do all
levels of Service and Maintenance as well as Operations Support for any PV Systems.
We are Servicing and Operations & Maintenance Contractors with all packages of maintenance
such as Routine Planned Preventive Maintenance, Corrective Maintenance, Breakdown
Maintenance, etc.
Our services ranges from basic PV clean at domestic level to operational and functional health
check to comprehensive O&M service of solar farm or large commercial solar array,
Involving SEANELEC onto your Solar PV Plant’s Operations & maintenance (Proactive), will
guarantee you achieving your Investments’ Commercial and Technical goals and objective of
extending the service lifetime of your PV system, Optimizing your System, Retaining the
payback period on track and ROI on the line, highest possible yield of the PV system,
maximizing revenues and profits of the PV systems.

We are the best registered local company to partner and work with any Renewable Energy
Project developer or Contractor in the Renewable Energy Projects, and plants construction for
the PV System.
Field Organization and Project Implementation supervision are ensured by our project managers
and Site Project Engineers on site. 
Our teams are composed of competent and experienced individuals in all aspects and phases of
the PV System Solar farm from site acquisition, civil works i.e. casting of plinths, steel structures
erection, Installation of PV system, Inverter Modules, Batteries, Earthing, AC & DC Cabling
(Power & Control), Inspection, Testing, Commissioning and Project Handing-over, etc.
We take good engineering care of every single project and construction phase of the solar park,
farm or solar kiosk.
Our speedy execution and timely delivery without comprising on the quality of works is unique
and is what separates us from other local Solar System construction contractors.