SEANELEC Joins Tanzania Chamber Of Commerce

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It was on 24th July 2013, when we received the confirmation that our request for membership has been reviewed; processed and approved i.e. we have qualified for the membership with TCCIA, Tanzania Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Agriculture.

Membership Certificate  (No.010717 ) was handled to us, at TCCIA Arusha Office.

Being members of TCCIA, there are many benefits that we will be advantageous of;

  • Enjoying all services offered by TCCIA such as Dialogue, Advocacy & Lobbying, Business Information, Certificates of Origin, Sector Specific Surveys,  Trainings & Workshops, etc.
  • Among the fruitful advantages being a member of TCCIA is ‘Business Partner Match-Making  and Linkages’
  • TCCIA Searches for Business Partners from Various National & International Business Databases including Kompass Database, and this avails the opportunity to TCCIA members, SEANELEC inclusive,  to source & locate international business partners.
  • TCCIA is an associate member to various local and international bodies, including the Other Chamber of Commerce with whom TCCIA has signed Memoranda of Association. These linkages place SEANELEC TANZANIA LIMITED, as a member of TCCIA, on the world business map.
  • Integration from local to global market, exposure, with respect to the industries we are operating, is another factors that will drives us to the peak of technological and technical business partnership with other local and global firms (suppliers, manufacturers, producers, distributors, dealers, etc.)
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  1. mercy shuma  August 2, 2013

    Congratulations to the Directors, congratulations for us, and we believe that together we can reach very far and become very sucessfull company. GOD BLESS AFRICA, GOD BLESS TANZANIA, GOD BLESS SEANELEC.

    • Stephanie David  August 2, 2013

      You are working at very big, focused, determined company that even I, wish I could join you, but the discipline that I’m in, is not with SEANELEC.
      Otherwise You are smarter guys!

  2. Andrea  November 21, 2013

    I see the bright future of SEANELEC.
    God Bless the fantastic plans that SEANELEC is having


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