All activities that we are doing in our daily life (domestic & professional) and operations that makes our hands meet and/or makes us Bread winners, either at home, at school, at our work stations (office, farm, construction sites, driving, etc) and anywhere where we get involved in, we are exposing ourselves to various hazards, thus we are subjecting ourselves to possibility of incidents, accidents, diseases or damage to our environment, tools, equipments, machines, assets and to our colleagues’ health. Incidents used to happen no matter how small they are, e.g. a knife cut when one is working at kitchen. One may witness that there are less accidents at our workplaces, but this is because somebody has invested his/her resources in establishment of Accidents Prevention system/procedures at the respective workplace and s/he has been firm in ensuring that all are following and adhering to. This is Occupation Health, Safety & Environment (OHS & E).

Failure to establish the accident prevention mechanism leads to many accidents, however the incidents/accidents management procedures should be in place for managing them in case they happen.

Occupation Health & Safety is comprehensive and integrated approach to Health & Safety whose prime focal is the firm itself at large picture, firm’s workforce and those supports them.

Through OHS & E, we addresses in very wide context all issues (to our clients) of; health such as physical & psychosocial of employees at workplaces; environment that we live and/or work in which also supports our operations; health practices at our homes, offices and anywhere that associates with us; etc. through training, programs, operational procedures, inductions, policies and practices; Safe working practices and procedures in all that employees are doing in the course of executing their daily operations, on their way back home, and at their homes.

Healthier and Safer work environment implies the firm’s businesses and operation to be effectively, efficiently and successful operationally with more improved firm’s turnover and improved workers’ performance, production, morale, attitude, job satisfaction, attitude towards the firm, security, retention, meanwhile reduction in Less turnover, absenteeism from work due to illness and injuries, costs for compensations, loss time injury hence loss of man-hours and blames from the family/community that the injured staff is coming from i.e. improved the firm’s image to the society.

Environmental science is of paramount importance for the social, economy and wellbeing of the community that we are living practising our professionalism in. It helps us in analysed proper & careful planning, managing, monitoring, evaluation, asses and control of all environmental related activities, it assist us to decide the sustainable use of environment and determining the means of maintaining the ecology balance as well as  analyzing the complex environmental difficulties and their solutions.

We have experienced personnel in OHS & Environmental to do the best job for you, your firm and your project.