We’ve environmental specialists that do the Environment Management Systems (EMS), with the following as the core elements of:-

  • Environment Impact Assessment (EIA)
  • Environmental Accounting and  (EAc)
  • Environmental Auditing (EA)

We do these for proponent companies and for projects.

Through Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), our specialists will Identify environmental conditions on site, will assess the impacts (positive & negative) of the proposed project to the environment and give clear picture of the interaction between project and environment, and advice accordingly on establishment of an environmental management framework, setting an environment action plan and alternative procedures and action to be taken when implementing the project so as to overcome the negative impacts and risks

Through Environmental Accounting, our experts will assess the extent to which a company’s daily practices contribute to environmental degradation while elevating running costs.

We confidently can assist your firm to have significant saving on utility (water & electricity/energy) costs, thus reduce your OPEX (operating expenses).  Whilst the community and public perception over your firm will be assured to be higher and positive and named as the Environmental friendly company that practicing green engineering, i.e. “Good & Friendly Company to Community and Environment”.

Through Environmental Auditing, our professionals will assess the extent to which a company is observing practices which seek to minimize harm to the environment.

We do advice our clients the best ways to execute their daily operations so as to minimize harm to the environment while reducing daily running costs of their valued companies.

With your inputs, we can develop and implement an Environmental Management System (EMS) for you, through training of your staffs, doing environment audits and accounting for your company, no matter small your firm is. This EMS may be termed as the “Internal / In-house EMS”

We as the green engineering company, we do also Landscaping and Gardening in different areas for aesthetic and nice looking environment.