We do offer Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) services, consultations inclusive to engineering & non-engineering firms, manufacturers, producers, factories, industries, non-government organization, various institutions, etc.

We have OHS experts and professional who have been working in various disciplines such as Mining and Gas Explorations, Mines (Underground and Open pits), Giant Oil companies, etc.  Our capacity to manage the corporate audit of health and safety management for various firms, is the result of having best resources.

Our experts have undergone various trainings in Occupational Health and Safety, First Aids, workplaces Risk Assessments, Hazard Analysis, Incidents Investigation and Reporting, Firefighting techniques, etc, that makes us to be the best local OHS experts to offer health and safety risk assessments, fire risk assessments

Apart from doing the above mentioned tasks, the department does best the following, for various companies that wish to develop their own;

  • OHS guidelines and procedures
  • Daily Operations OHS operating manual,
  • OHS training / Induction manuals & Guidelines ,
  • OHS Monitoring and evaluation manual,
  •  Assessment sheets so as to assess how best the companies complies with the existing standard procedures for occupational health and safety and environment protection and how best the department satisfies other regulatory, clients, staffs and the community at large.

We do supply ISO certified Safety Gears (PPEs) from the world known giant manufacturers and suppliers / distributors of the same, at a very competitive price. On time delivery of the best quality safety gears is non-negotiable as we are the major stakeholders in health & safety industry

We conduct internal training (within our clients, for our clients’ personnel) on occupational health and safety  at a very wide dimension, that includes but not limited to Job Risk Assessments, Job Hazard Analysis, Incidents Investigations & Reporting, First Aid, Basic Fire-fighting, etc.

We’re proud of our best services in this industry, as we have helped several local firms to develop the standards in OHS. We will help your firm to comply with, International & ILO OSH standards,  The Occupational Health and Safety Act 2003 (Tanzania), and, The Occupational Safety and Health Act No.8 of 2005 (Zanzibar), without messing about with your core business.

We’re are bridging the gap between our clients’ management and their employees , as it is believed that a safe workplace is more easily achieved when employers and employees talk to each other about potential problems, and work together to find solutions.

SEANELEC is different from other health and safety advisory companies in that we get involved in helping and leading our clients to manage introduction of health & safety issues to their companies.  We move with our clients step-by-step to the edge of Occupational health, safety and environment.

If you are looking for occupational health and safety experts that won’t hinder you and your firm, SEANELEC are here to help.

Call us, or visit our nearby offices to discuss how we can serve you better on health and safety, and how we can make your workplaces healthier and safer.