We have experienced and well trained professionals who can do best in Public Health, Safety and Toxicology management and/or consultation.

We do manage best in the greener way and more professional ways as per International standards, the following

  • Disposal of toxic chemicals and hazardous substances
  • Laboratories cleaning ( Hospitals, Academic institution, Factories, Research institutes, etc)
  • Solid waste management
  • Waste water treatment (from production lines)
  • Environment Cleaning
  • Landscaping and Gardening

We have all to execute environment cleaning in different areas like laboratories, Hospitals, foodstuffs’ manufacturing and packaging industries such as oil industries,  in a safer and greener way by following international guidelines for cleaning sensitive areas.

In oil industries we do cleanness by using Oil Degreasing Chemicals which are designed to reduce the surface tension and viscosity of contaminating oils so that contaminated surfaces can be rinsed clean, oil free and film free

In hospitals and laboratories, the we do use greener and environmental friendly antiseptic cleaning detergents, and surfactants which are biodegradable, has desirable moles of ethylene oxide for both cleaning action and remove of dirt.

We have in-house professional and experts who have been working with research institutes local and international, in Public health Safety and Environment, who are with sound experience in those areas.

These distinguish us from the rest in executing the following;

  • Waste water management & recycling for different uses instead of pouring it away.
  • Solid waste management, disposal and professional advice / consultation on how best these waste can be recycled and turn it to another usable product.
  • Disposal of toxic chemicals and hazardous substances such as expired pesticides, insecticides, animals and veterinary drugs, electronic appliances, etc. by following recommended international procedures for toxic substance disposal so as to minimize risks to the environment.

What can we do for your firm on Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) at your working place, factory, institution, organization?

Please e-mail/call us for more detailed discussion on how we can help arriving to making your company a better and safe working place for your valuable assets i.e. employees.

  • We will set the standards for your firm!
  • We will manage all ESH related matters for your firm while recruiting your personnel to do it for yourself