The way we work at SEANELEC (T) LIMITED is a total IT solution partner that focuses solely on businesses unique, computing, networking and application needs. Our ICT experienced Professionals are here to

provide utmost return on your investment in shortest possible time with their talent and proficiency. Having extensively talented, knowledgeable and skilled staff inside Seanelec, backed up with the best vendors relationships and ICT projects management seniors, makes us meet the ICT Planning, Design, Implementation, Operations, Supports, Maintenance and Management requirements of your project. We have a proven track record, an enduring commitment to customer satisfaction, and the expertise business needs of our esteemed customers.

We are experienced and committed to providing an intelligently planned computer network, professional Design, and Installation services designed to provide the highest quality implementation
We are here to help you develop an optimized, scalable network that combines performance, reliability, and security needed in this modern world of technology that will prime your network for the networking services and applications of days and days to come

Apart from other ICT related activities, we do best the following

    • Design, Re-design, Upgrade and Maintenance of the IT infrastructures
    • New computers setup, configuration, and upgrades
    • Installing network workstations and Servers
    • Installing network applications (accounting systems, e-mail, etc.)
    • Installation of Database Servers
    • Installing network file servers
    • Network Risk and Disaster Recovery Assessment and Management
    • Periodic Network Security Re-Assessment
    • Server resource monitoring, optimizing, and maintenance;
    • Routine Preventive & Corrective Maintenance, and Auditing of the IT system
    • Backup Solutions
    • Disaster recovery
    • IT and Networking Operations & Maintenance Supports contracts
    • Design, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Voice, Visual and Data Systems facilities,
    • Professional network planning, implementation & technical support.
    • Computer Networks LAN / WAN installations and establishments
    • Cabling and Infrastructure assembly
    • Inter office/building Mini-Link installations
    • Installing network peripherals (printers, scanners, any other shared resources)
    • Network design, Installation, Maintenance and Administration
    • Supply of Computers, Laptops, Printers, Scanners, Photocopier machines, and other hardware
    • Supply of cabling & networking infrastructure materials
    • Supply of various brands and sizes of Network switches such as CISCO
    • Supply of various ICT related Consumables & Peripherals
    • Supply of various Software for various applications
    • After sales support for all sold items and installed systems
    • Website development & Logo design
    • Preventive and/or Corrective Maintenance of the LAN/WAN infrastructure
    • Cable management for the existing operation networking
    • Cabling and Infrastructure management assembly
    • Installing and Maintaining network peripherals (printers, scanners, any other shared resources)
    • Management, Operations & Maintenance services for Network
    • Service and repair of Computers, Latops, Pinters, Scanners, photocopier machines and other hardwares that forms part of the ICT and networking
    • Corrective maintenance and repair of the installed software & hardware for various ICT items