Project Management

A project is a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service, or result. Project Management can well be described as the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities in order to meet or exceed customers’ or clients’ needs and expectations from the project. Meeting the need of the client invariably involves:

  • Identifying requirements
  • Addressing the various needs (identified requirements), concerns, and expectations (unidentified requirements) of the stakeholders as the project is planned and carried out
  • Balancing the competing project constraints and demands including Scope, Quality, Resources, Schedule, Budget/Cost, Resources, Risk and Communication.

Seanelec Tanzania Limited provides Projects Management services, Technical consulting services, and Engineering Services & Solutions, in Electrical, Telecom (Wired, Wireless, GSM, CDMA), ICT  and EH&S disciplines.  We are having experts and professionals with high integrity and a positive can-do attitude who are also full of knowledge, skills and modern tools, technique and technology to manage all of those above to meet the objectives of your  projects, Our Professional Project Managers (part time and full time, local and international) will handle your project in a better way at your budget, best quality and within time frame.

Seanelec are capable of supplying professionals & specialists, when the client requires them to manage, monitor and control Cost, Time, Quality, Schedule and EH&S. We utilize the most appropriate level of technology and information technology as per the requirements and situation of the project and the client. Seanelec Tanzania Limited is your best partner for Projects Management and Engineering solutions. We are having the solutions for all of your Engineering and EH&S problems.

E-mail/Call us to discuss the better way we can handle your projects and engineering problems.

  • Electrical Project Management

    We are having experts (full-time and part-time) who can execute effectively Project Management in any Electrical related project. They are the best in Project Planning, Budgeting, Procurement, Implementation, Testing, Training and Project Completion.

    We are having experienced Electrical Project Managers who can work independently, or on site alongside the clients’ project managers i.e. assisting and reporting to a clients’ project manager. They can interpret technical statements of work and design documentation as it relates to project planning, budgeting, procurements, implementation, testing, training, and project completion. Our Electrical Project Managers work with a variety of documentation on any given electrical related project including: submittals, testing, training, implementation, change orders, engineering instructions from project consultants, purchase orders, and subcontracts to ensure high quality of work at a job site is attained within budget and schedule. They are competent enough to plan, schedule, adjust, and maintain timelines in a fast paced construction / installation environment while maximizing resources and optimizing budgets.

    Our knowledge, skills and experience in Power Line Projects, Switch yard & Substation Projects, Industrials & Commercial Systems Installations Projects, DC power systems Projects,  Operations & Maintenance Projects, Design & Build Electrical Projects, and, Rehabilitation Projects have added value in our areas of competency and makes us good Project Manager in Electrical related Projects.

  • ICT Project Management

    We do provide professional ICT Project Management & Consulting services. We are disciplined enough to Plan, Organize, Direct, Control and Manage all the Resources your firm have allocated specifically for attaining the goals and objectives you have set for your ICT related project. We can handle your project on own i.e. independently, or by coordination and involvement of your firm’s project management teams. The good business relationship, and the joint ventures we are having with manufactures and vendors, in ICT technology, is what we are proud of by having the knowledge and experts direct from them. Weather it is the Software or Website development; we are here to help you to get what you deserve, and the value for your money.

    Call/email us to discuss the ways we can advise you. We will lead you to the right solution that suits with the current edge of technology.

  • Telecommunications Project Management

    We do provide professional telecom engineering Project Management (PM) and consulting services. We do PM services to Cellular (GSM/CDMA), Fiber Optic, Wired and Wireless telecom, Internet service, and any Telecommunication related projects.

    Our customers have been greatly benefited from our expertise and have appreciated Seanelec Tanzania Limited for successful completion of their projects. Our PM experts have ensured that all the Telecommunication related projects on our hands are completed productively, efficiently, within the agreed schedule, under budget and at the projected quality, enabling clients to launch their services as per their project plans.