We are having Fiber Optic technical staff who are equipped with sound technical knowledge and skills as well as with fiber optic Design and Implementation capabilities. We are having Competent, Experienced, Trained, Courteous, and Conscientious engineers and technicians who will offer you or your company the highest quality of workmanship on installations, maintenance, service and solutions for all of your fiber optic related problems or projects.

We are executing and implementing the proper and most cost effective means of OPGW and ADSS fiber optic cables’ placements, Installation, Splicing, Jointing & Terminating, Testing and Commissioning, of the fiber optic systems. We do retrofitting of OPGW and/or ADSS on existing transmission and distribution lines, under single circuit outage or with all conductors live i.e. without causing power interruptions to utility company’s customers, so as we retain good customer relationship with your customers and meet your requirements.

All of our executions and operations are eco-friendly.

Fiber Optic Network Installation & Maintenance

  • Installation & Maintenance

    We have everything in our toolboxes to handle the following

    • Installing, Splicing, Termination, Jointing, Testing  and Commissioning of overhead Fiber optic cables on transmission and distribution power lines
    • Designing, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Fiber Optic networks and ancillaries
    • Installation and/or placement of Optical Fiber Cables (OPGW/ ADSS) and accessories
    • Inspection, Testing and Commissioning of the Fiber Optic systems
    • Routine Preventive and/or Corrective maintenance of the Fiber Optic networks/systems and  ancillaries
    • Auditing of the Fiber Optic Networks, Installations and Systems
    • Operations, Maintenance, Servicing and Repair of the Fiber Optic systems & ancillaries
    • Emergency restoration and In-service ‘hot cuts’
    • Faults tracing/Troubleshooting, identification, location and Repair of the Fiber Optic systems/Installations.
    • Fault Cable tracing for the punched or damaged U/G Fiber Optic cables
  • Supply Of Fiber Optic Accessories, Parts & Equipment

    We do supply the following (from the reliable manufacturers), for Fiber Optical works

    • High quality Fiber Optic cables
    • High performance Fiber Optic  Assembly parts
    • Optical fiber cable Installation accessories
    • Optic fiber Connectors & ancillaries
    • Termination parts and Enclosures
    • Optical test and measurements equipments;
    • OPGW products & ancillaries
    • ADSS products & ancillaries
    • Raychem fiber products & ancillaries
    • Splicing Equipments and Products
    • Polishing equipments & ancillaries
    • Faceplates & ancillaries
    • Tools  and Consumables for working on Fiber Optic projects;
  • Testing & Measurements Of Fiber Optic Systems

    We utilize the best testing facilities, techniques, procedures and equipments to offer our customers a specialized and professional fiber optic testing service, with the prime purpose of  maintaining top quality operations of their systems,

    We offer the below Testing & Measurement services, with the fundamental purpose of attaining; Maximum efficiency of the installed system, Lowering splice loss, and, Provide superior performance on our clients’ system or network

    • Interferomic and  return loss measurements
    • OTDR and Insertion loss testing at sites.
    • Complete OFC Testing
    • Polarization Mode Dispersion (PMD) testing
    • Polarize Sign Dispersion testing
    • Chromatic Dispersion (CD) testing
    • Wavelength Division Multiplexing  (WDM) testing
    • Power Loss testing
    • End to End testing
    • Reel testing,
    • Splice Loss testing,
    • ORL testing
    • Power meter/laser source testing