We are having onboard full time and part time experienced and professional Engineers (Transmission, BTS, RF, BSC, and MSC), Technicians, Riggers and Installers who have been acquiring enough knowledge on GSM & CDMA by working with giant telecommunication companies, Operators and Vendors, such as Ericsson, Huawei, ZTE, Vodacom, Airtel, Tigo, Zantel, TTCL, MTN, Ceragon, Sagem, Motorola, and local firms that are in this business. These engineers are our strength inasmuch as they are knowledgeable and competent enough to execute any work in GSM, CDMA and WiMAX technology.

We start from when our RF engineer will be working closely with your marketing department to determine areas where the placement of a new tower will accomplish either Expansion, Capacity or Quality to your network. We can be with you in all or any of the stages for new cell site establishment such as; RF and site survey, Site Lay-out & Marking, Obtaining no objection certificate for setting up cell site from NEMC or Municipals, Soil Testing ,Structural design and layout of ground based sites, Structural analysis of existing buildings and layout of roof top sites, Preparation of BOQ and BOS, Plan & scheduling of equipments, Execution of Civil Electrical Tower and other equipment installations; Quality inspections and punch points; Site RFI and PAT; Documentation; Final inspection & Handing over of site; Bills verification and certification, etc.

O&M of CDMA/GSM cell sites, BTS/BSC and Microwave Transmission links is well handled by our qualified and competent BTS/BSC engineers and technicians. We have all in our minds and tool boxes to provide you the best services for your Roll-Out project’s budget and within time frame. Quality, Time and Cost are our key baselines and drivers in executing your project

SEANELEC is the right and safe place for all of your GSM & CDMA related projects.

  • BTS & CELL Sites First Line Maintenance

    We are Experts in the following works under first line maintenance of BTS, BSC and MSC equipments.

    • BTS recovery and re-installation
    • Software and Hardware upgrade
    • Drive tests & Optimization
    • Checking for generation and reporting of external alarms in coordination with Network/Operations Management Centre .
    • Corrective and Preventive Maintenance of BTS, BSCs and MSCs.
    • Checking the processor loading of the BTS and BSC
    • Clock calibration in BTS and BSC equipment
    • Checking, storing and documenting the SWFMs generated at BTS and BSC equipments
    • Checking for health of TRXs by voice calls
    • Orientation, skewing and tilting of GSM antennas,
    • Laying out new cables for BTS / Sites upgrading
    • Fault identification and rectification in BSC and BTS equipments.
    • Measurement of power and power calibration of radios and VSWR measurement of all feeder cables in BTS equipment.
    • Corrective/Preventive Maintenance of Feeder cable connectors, and ODUs connections
    • Carrying out monthly health check, quarterly boost charging, drain test of VRLA battery bank.
    • Battery autonomy tests
    • Rectifiers testing and auditing
    • Power Auditing for BTS, BSC, MSC and cell sites in general
    • Testing, Commissioning and Acceptance of the network expansion projects
    • Managerial Services for the BTS Cell Sites
    • O&M for the DC power systems i.e. Rectifiers, Inverters, back up systems, etc
    • Monitoring the condition of the BTS and Transmission equipments installed for any alarms,
  • Cell Sites' Tower Installation & Maintenance

    We perform all Tower Installations, Active and Passive infrastructures installations, construction, O&M including, but not limited to:

    • Site surveys
    • Tower Erection and all other associated civil works
    • Foundation works for rooftop towers, for containerized Shelter, for generator, and foundation works for Ground based towers (Green Field)
    • Tower strength analysis, Auditing and Soil testing
    • RF & Transmission survey for the new site and link establishment
    • Installation, Testing and Commissioning for BTS (GSM/CDMA) and ancillaries
    • Transmission (Microwave links) installation, Testing and Commissioning!
    • Electrical works (AC, DC) pertaining to telecommunication works
    • Operations & Maintenance (O&M) support for Transmission, RF, BTS, and BSC
    • General Cell sites maintenance, Transmission, BTS, RF, Civil & Electrical works maintenance (Preventive, Corrective and Breakdown Maintenance)
    • Design, Installation, Inspection, Testing, and Commissioning for the Electrical Installations (AC/DC), DC Power back up systems, and Power generation sources such as Diesel/LPG Generator sets, Solar power, Wind power, etc.
    • O&M support for cell sites’ power generation sources.
    • Tower auditing and certification to see if it is built as per the original design and drawings, i.e. Identification of tower variations, accessories and members with respect to tower drawings & design
    • Inspection, Testing and Acceptance of the final AS-BUILT site (PAT)
    • Torque of towers, fixing the missing bolts, members, etc
    • Preventive and Corrective maintenance of the Active & Passive infrastructures.
    • O&M services for Air conditioning systems
    • Installation, Commissioning, Service, Repair, Operations and maintenance of various Telemetry systems
    • Tower repainting, shelter repair and maintenance, and all civil works pertaining to cell sites
    • Site and system audit
    • Cell Sites Asset tagging
    • Development and implementation of PM procedures and schedules for cell sites and Active/Passive infrastructures
  • Transmission Hops First Line Maintenance

    Our experienced and qualified staffs have both enough skills and knowledge to offer you prompt services and quality work by executing the following;

    • Planning, Designing and Survey for New microwave links establishment
    • Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Microwave Links
    • Upgrading and/or Recovery of the Transmission (Microwave) links
    • Traffic migration from one link/hop to another
    • Inspection, Auditing and rectifications of the Alarms, RSL, LOS on microwave hops / transmission links.
    • Operations and Maintenance services for the transmission links
    • Transmission links re-panning and tuning.
    • Leveling of all MMU / SMM / ICM / NPU / ADR
    • Checking Weatherproofing and Earthing of ODUs.
    • Inspection and Auditing of the power supply system to the Microwave (DDU).
    • Inspection, Auditing for the Routing of RF and/or Multicables.
    • Routing for E1
  • Sites Inspection For Electrical

    Our staffs are well versed to apply the IEE/IEEE/IEC/BS and other international standards and modern techniques for the smooth and timely accomplishment of the following;

    •   Cabling, Earthing and Termination soundness (mechanical and electrical) Inspection
    •   Insulation resistance tests for the entire electrical installation
    •   Earth Resistance tests, i.e. Tower / cell sites’ grounding inspection and testing
    •   Earth/Grounding resistance improvements.
    •   Circuits identifications and labeling
    •   Circuits/Phases load balancing, and Circuit Breakers resizing
    •   Electrical Working on BTS, BSC and MSC without causing the outage (live-line works)
    •   Battery Autonomy tests and Health checks
    •   Lightening / Surge Arresters health checks, inspection and Testing
    •   Power Auditing reports preparation, post Inspection and Testing